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Retro Experience

Motel on Vilano Beach

Here in beautiful Vilano Beach, we think that Every day should feel like a vacation! We are located just a few short steps from the Atlantic ocean; our beaches are clean and family-oriented. Complimentary Wi-Fi is available throughout the motel. Have some work to do or just want to keep up with what is going on back home? Bring your laptop, sit by the pool, and breathe in the ocean air. It truly is -Beach Life- at it’s best!

  • The image depicts a black and white striped lighthouse with a red top, set against a clear blue sky and surrounded by green trees.

    Serves as A Scenic and Educational Maritime Museum.

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  • A building with a Ripley's Believe It or Not! Museum sign, featuring a giant ape sculpture climbing it.

    Embark on a family fun adventure and explore the unusual and fascinating exhibits

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  • A pier with people walking under a decorative arch featuring three dolphin statues, with a body of water and bridge in the background, ending the sentence.

    We Are Located Just a Few Short Steps from The Atlantic Ocean

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  • This image shows an old, historic wooden house with an American flag and autumn wreaths, identified as the oldest wood school house in Florida.

    Dates Back to The Early 18th Century and Is Located on St. George Street by The City Gate.

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  • The image shows a green and orange tourist trolley driving down a street with historic buildings and palm trees in the background, ending the sentence.

    Relive the Story of The First Settlement in North America.

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You will find that all of our accommodations are completely renovated and updated.

A List of Wonderful Sightseeing Attractions for You to Make Your Visit an Unforgettable One

The Magic Beach Motel was originally built in 1951 and was one among several little motels in the area